How To Change The DNS Server On Your TP-Link Router

How To Change The DNS Server On Your TP-Link Router

DNS, short for Domain Name Server is a system used for computers, services and other devices connected to the Internet or any other private network. This links information with the domain names to each entity. DNS also translates domain names to the numerical IP address for locating network devices. You can connect with the TP-Link Router Support Canada professionals to know more about DNS.
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How Can I Change The DNS Server On My TP-Link Router?

Changing the DNS Server on your internet router is not that tough. But, different router manufacturers use different interface which can make the process a bit long. Users who are not that tech-savvy might find this a bit confusing. However, the TP-Link Router Customer Support Canada is here to help you complete the process.
Our skilled team of technical experts has come up with some easy-to-follow guidelines on how you can change the DNS Server on your TP-Link router. Kindly follow the guidelines mentioned below:
·         Firstly, Sign-in with your TP-Link router configuration page. This is usually through the address or
·         Now, select the DHCP option from the menu on the left side.
·         Next, Tap or Click the DHCP submenu known as DHCP Settings.
·         Use the Primary DNS field to enter the primary DNS server that you would like to use.
·         Now, use the Secondary DNS field to enter the secondary DNS server that you want to use.
·         Lastly, Choose the Save button at the bottom of the page to save the changes. Allow the TP-Link Router Support Canada to help you complete the process if you face any issue with changing the DNS Server settings.

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